A Multi-Standard 15–57GHz 4-Channel Receive Beamformer with 4.8dB Midband NF for 5G Applications

This paper presents a 4-channel 15–57 GHz receive phased-array front-end designed in a SiGe BiCMOS SBC18S5 process. A wideband architecture employing 3-stage resistive-feedback low-noise amplifier (LNA) followed by an active phase shiftier results in an ultra wideband operation with high gain and low noise figure. Each channel has a 5-bit phase control and 18 dB gain control. The outputs of the four channels are combined using a wideband two-stage Wilkinson network. The measured chip electronic gain is 27.2 dB with a 4.8 dB noise figure (NF) and a -28 dBm input P1dB at the midband frequency of 35 GHz. To author’s knowledge, this work achieves the widest bandwidth covering multiple 5G bands and enables the construction of multi-standard wideband phased arrays.