A DC–170GHz InP Distributed Amplifier Using Transmission Line Loss Compensation Technique

In this paper, an input transmission line loss compensation technique using resistive-capacitive (RC) degeneration is employed in an Indium Phosphide (InP) distributed amplifier (DA). The applied technique compensates for the loss of the DA’s input line and creates a positive gain slope for good gain at upper-end frequencies. The fabricated DA demonstrates an average gain of 12 dB from DC–170 GHz with input and output return losses better than -9 dB up to 120 GHz. The measured gain profile starts rising from 60 GHz with a slope of +0.085 dB/GHz, providing a peak gain of 19 dB at 150 GHz. From DC–160 GHz, the saturated power (Psat) is measured from 13.5 dBm to 11 dBm with a minimum output 1-dB compression point (OP1dB) of 8.9 dBm and an average output third-order intercept point (OIP3) of 17.5 dBm.