Rydberg Atomic Electrometry: A Near-Field Technology for Complete Far-Field Imaging in Seconds?

In this presentation, we describe how Rydberg states can be used for electromagnetic field sensing in the near field with minimal field distortion over a frequency range spanning almost six orders of magnitude, including from GHz to THz. We outline how Rydberg atoms packaged in electromagnetically transparent vapor cells can be used for high-sensitivity, absolute, self-calibrated sensing of electric fields. We present testing data on a Rydberg atom-based sensor prototype we have constructed and discuss applications like imaging, including the influence of vapor cells. In particular we study the effect of an interferer near the sensing frequency while demonstrating a wide carrier bandwidth. Taking limitations and current technology into consideration, the state-of-the-art Rydberg atom system presented here is promising for over-the-air test and measurement applications.