Towards 500GHz Non-Volatile Monolayer 6G Switches

High performance non-volatile analog switches based on monolayer MoS₂ are realized up to 480 GHz, covering the sixth-generation (6G) communication band. Due to its robust layered structure, crystalline MoS₂ enables low insertion loss and high isolation radio-frequency (RF) switch that utilizes its memristive property. Compared to other emerging switch technologies based on MEMS, RRAM, and phase-change memory (PCM); MoS₂ switches show superior sub-nanosecond pulse switching, low power consumption, and high data-rate operation. We demonstrate eye-diagram and constellation diagram with various modulation methods and remarkable data transmission rate up to 100 Gbit/s in a non-volatile RF switch. Notably, the operating frequencies are about 10× higher than previous reports on RF switches. This monolayer RF switch is expected to enable analog components for next-generation 6G communication and connectivity front-end systems.