16–52GHz 5G Transmit and Receive 64-Element Phased-Arrays with 50–51.7dBm Peak EIRP and Multi-Gb/s 64-QAM Operation

This paper presents multi-band Tx and Rx phased arrays designed to support the 5G New Radio FR2. The 64-element arrays are built using 16×1 linear arrays each having four 4×1 beamformer chips on a low-cost printed-circuit board (PCB). The arrays demonstrate +/- 60° scanning capability in the azimuth-plane with sidelobe levels <-10 dB. The 64-element Tx array achieves an EIRP of 50–51.7 dBm at Psat operation and 47.6–49 dBm at P1dB operation at 24.5–48 GHz. 64-QAM single-carrier (SC) 400 MHz waveforms are transmitted achieving <3% EVMrms with 39–40 dBm average EIRP and with 2.4 Gb/s data rate. The Rx phased-array demonstrates a system NF of 5.3–6.9 dB at 16–50 GHz. To the author’s knowledge, this work achieves the highest bandwidth phased-array systems suitable for multi-band 5G operation.