A K-Band Low-Complexity Modular Scalable Wide-Scan Phased Array

A new circuit architecture for a modular scalable integrated phased array transmitter is presented. In this architecture, the number of phase shifters and their associated control signals are reduced by a factor of two compared to conventional phased arrays. The proposed configuration significantly reduces the phased arrays’ control complexity. A symmetric eight-element phased array module is designed based on the proposed configuration at K-band using 130-nm CMOS process for wide-scan applications. The eight-element phased array provides ±90° of scan range with measured sidelobe levels smaller than -8 dB within the frequency range of 23.2–24.4 GHz. The phased array consumes 682 mW of power and occupies 6.64 mm² of die area. A number of these modules can be connected to form a larger array with a narrower beamwidth.