Space Qualification Guidelines for GaN RF and Microwave HEMTs and MMICs

A new guideline has been developed for GaN devices by a group of industry, semiconductor fab, government, and university members under the stewardship of The Aerospace Corporation. By the time of this presentation, the guideline will releasable to the public. It contains many test methods to cover important GaN HEMT reliability concerns for space missions, such as quantifying intrinsic wearout and degradations of various types, extrinsic or defect-related quantification, the testing for radiation effects, environmental effects and a standard method of writing ratings and de-ratings. Various schemes for determining reliability using temperature acceleration, voltage acceleration, RF-driven testing, step stressing and radiation testing are provided. The guideline advocates a final TLYF (Test Like You Fly) verification approach with little or no acceleration against mission usage conditions. In this talk, highlights from the new guideline will be presented.