Packaging and Interconnect Challenges for Cryogenic and Quantum Systems

Cryogenic electronics and quantum systems are of interest due to recent successes in superconducting quantum computing. These systems present a unique set of challenges for scaling-up to large numbers of components and cables/interconnects often spanning multiple temperature stages. Conventional microwave co-axial cables that are currently in common use stress volume and thermal constraints of these systems. Suitable high-density, high-performance microwave-capable connectors for such systems are also needed. Furthermore, as we move to scaled-up quantum systems, materials, and integration challenges to integrating quantum components will be uncovered. In this talk, I will describe our R&D efforts on superconducting microwave flexible cables and connectors made using wafer-level fabrication techniques. These components have high microwave performance to multiple 10s of GHz, low mass, and low thermal cross-section structures. This interconnect hardware shows great promise for integration of future superconducting and cryogenic electronics systems, including superconducting microwave quantum computing applications.