FinFET CMOS for mm-Wave Applications

FinFET transistor architecture is today’s dominant high volume process technology benefitting from the industry ecosystem and its scale to support its continuous improvement. A new generation of cost sensitive FinFET based technologies with relaxed BEOL is emerging. These technologies combine mature features while supporting high performance and low leakage making them suitable for a wide range of applications. As data rates increase, technology versatility is needed to support various transceiver building blocks including high performance AMS and mm-wave circuits. In low latency applications, link quality is paramount reducing reliance on equalization/pre-distortion. Additionally, the industry is experiencing a rapid pace of advanced packaging innovations supporting disaggregation when applicable. The talk will cover specialized mature FinFET technologies sharing recent circuits and system demonstrations. Additionally, the presentation will touch on the opportunity ahead on leading edge CMOS technologies due to various transistor and BEOL innovations.