Creating Radiation-Hard CMOS Technology with HARDSIL®

CMOS ICs manufactured using bulk silicon and commercial process flows contain structures and parasitic devices which make the IC sensitive to extreme stimuli such as radiation and high temperature. Use of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) ICs in extreme environments requires system engineers to employ mitigation techniques to protect the ICs and their systems. Such workarounds add cost and generally increase system Size, Weight and Power (SWAP). Vorago’s HARDSIL® technology has been proven to harden ICs against both transient SEE and cumulative TID effects as well as to enable latchup-free operation at high temperature without the penalties associated with other current methods. HARDSIL® process modules provide similar latchup performance to Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology using bulk Si wafers and conventional process tools. The ease of implementation of HARDSIL® has enabled portability between CMOS nodes. This talk will provide a technical deep dive into CMOS radiation hardening and high temperature robustness with HARDSIL® and examine some of its applications.