Switched Capacitor Power Amplifiers: Powering the Next Generation of Wireless Communication, from RF to mm-Wave

Since the switched capacitor power amplifier (SCPA) was introduced a decade ago, it has garnered significant interest in both industrial and academic research as a breakthrough technology for wideband, linear, energy efficient data transmission. The SCPA is optimal for deeply scaled CMOS, as it uses transistors only as switches. This means it is fully able to leverage inherent advantages of fast switching and lithographic matching. In this talk I will introduce the concept of the SCPA and provide several examples of our architectural innovations for connectivity and cellular applications. I will also highlight some of the outstanding global innovations that utilize the SCPA at their core. Until recently, the SCPA has been confined to operation below 6GHz. I will also introduce an SCPA with an embedded frequency multiplication capable of extending operation of the SCPA into the mm-wave regime.