CMOS Digital Power Amplifier and Transmitter for Efficient Signal Amplification and Beam Steering

To meet the ever-increasing demands of multiple wireless standards, multi-function micro-systems including the digital transmitters with re-configurability and beamforming are dramatically developed. In this talk, a series of CMOS digital power amplifier and transmitter for efficient signal amplification and beam steering are introduced, which includes a wideband digital Doherty IQ power amplifier with multi-mode impedance boosting for enhanced back-off efficiency, a watt-level quadrature switched/floated-capacitor power amplifier with reconfigurable self-coupling canceling transformer for deep back-off efficiency enhancement, and a wideband digital modulated polar phased-array transmitter with phase modulation phase-shifting for strong system efficiency and high resolution beam steering. Such digital transmitter and digital power amplifier exhibit strong performance, which are attractive for practical multi-function applications, ie 5G and beyond.