22FDX MOSFET Technology — RF/mm-Wave Reliability

The Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator (FDSOI) technology was proven to be one of the best candidates for RF and mm-wave applications with lowest power consumption, lowest system footprint and the efficient electrostatic control of short channel effects. Theses advantages in addition with back-bias tuning and scalability knob offered by FDSOI technologies give designers more freedom to explore and enhance their design and reach higher integrated circuits. To optimize RF and mm-wave applications, the designers need to push the devices towards their limits and thus apply high voltage/current stress to the devices which makes reliability more challenging. In this presentation we will discuss the latest 22FDX reliability work done by GlobalFoundries to support the RF/mm-wave efforts. This will include mainly safe-operating-area (SOA), non-conducting hot carrier injection NCHCI, off-state TDDB and HCI Low Vgs modeling.