Next-Generation Phased Arrays for 6G mm-Wave Wireless Communications

We have developed Tx and Rx phased-array RFICs in GlobalFoundries 22nm FDX and 45RFSOI for 140–160GHz operation. These RFICs are built for two different systems: Analog beamforming at the element with IF-based phase-shifter architecture and digital beamforming system with direct conversion I/Q mixers and DC–6GHz base-band amplifiers. We have also demonstrated 8-element phased-arrays with on-chip antennas, a NF < 7dB and an EIRP > 32dBm at 140GHz, with ±40deg scanning capabilities and measured data rates of 10–16Gbps achieved using 64-QAM modulation and with an EVM < 5%. This work proves that silicon, and especially silicon RFSOI, is a great technology for > 100GHz 6G wireless systems.