110GHz Nanowire-Based Integrated Via Technology for 3D Silicon Integration

A study of integrated copper nanowire via technology in coplanar waveguide circuit on 1.2 µm thick integrated anodized aluminum oxide is presented. The integrated nanowire vias operate up to 67 GHz and are compared to conventional copper vias. Compared to conventional via, nanowire via shows lower loss up to 45 GHz. Next, the via dimension effect is studied up to 110 GHz. The results indicate that wide via widths and short via lengths provides low loss via. At 40 and 60 GHz, the extracted single via loss is observed to be 0.0975 dB and 0.149 dB, respectively. Compared to the other technology, the via in this work is very short (1.2 µm) and therefore has lower loss.