A New SWIPT System for Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures

We will present a new SWIPT System for Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures. This SWIPT system is based on a wireless sensor network architecture composed by two types of nodes. The first one, called a communicating node /gateway will collect the data from the sensing node and transmit them via Internet. This enables the design of a digital twin for the civil engineering structures and their structural health monitoring during the whole lifetime. The second one, called a sensing node will be embedded in the reinforced concrete. Its aim is to measure various parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, mechanical strain, or resistivity and transmit them to the communicating node. It is fully wireless and battery-free. Two wireless technologies were implemented: LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy. The sensing node is wirelessly and remotely powered and controlled via a radiative electromagnetic power transfer system by the communicating node /gateway. One antenna is used for both wireless data and power transmission. The control of the measurement and transmission periodicity of the sensor nodes is achieved entirely materially by the control of the wireless power transfer system.