Advanced and Adaptive Waveguide Filter Configurations for W-Band and Beyond

By pushing forward the design aspects and manufacturability of microwave components in the higher frequency ranges, namely W-band (75–110GHz) and beyond, new frequency-band allocations can be designated for up-coming mobile and satellite communication systems (providing world-wide internet over satellite, remote sensing applications, 5G support infrastructure and radio-navigation services). This presentation focusses on providing an overview of the recent research on advanced W-band waveguide filters, where on one hand, small dimensional require the use of high precision-manufacturing technologies, while on the other hand, low geometrical complexity must be adapted to meet the design-rules of the intended technology to be used. Advanced configurations for the realization of multiple transmission zeros and the utilization of higher order modes for advanced performance will be discussed. Results of filters manufactured with high-precision CNC milling as well as 3D-printing will be presented.