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What is Project Connect?
Project Connect, will engage an exceptional group of undergraduate and first-year graduate students to participate in the IEEE conference on a travel grant provided by NSF and IEEE. Students from underrepresented groups will be carefully selected based on their academic credentials and career goals, through a competitive application process.


The long-term goal of this program is to attract a diverse pool of highly motivated students to the field of microwave engineering. The technical planning committee for IMS recognizes that the future of this field depends on attracting the best and brightest from the next generation of increasingly diverse students possessing great aptitude for highly technical and innovative development.


The program is designed to create an opportunity for students to interact with practicing engineers, to learn about the exciting new technologies being developed today, and to introduce students to the variety of careers in the area of microwave engineering.



Project Connect Conference Agenda:
Students will be selected and awarded a grant to attend the International Microwave Symposium in Denver, CO during 19-24 June 2022.

During the symposium, students will:

  • Attend selected high-level talks including the opening and closing ceremonies of the Symposium
  • Participate in social and career development  activities aimed at  students and interact  with industry at events developed specifically for this project
  • Attend the popular IMS student design competition event. 
  • Specific IMS Connect  activities include:
    1. Panel sessions where speakers from industry and academia will share their experiences in Microwave Engineering 
    2. Special sessions to help participants with their professional development, such as applying to graduate school and writing effective resumes
    3. Connect Monopoly is the vehicle that students will use to explore the exciting networking, educational, and industrial experiences of IMS2022! 
  • IMS Connect participants will share their IMS2022 experience with a “Through My Eyes” multimedia presentation at the program wrap-up meeting!

Undergraduate junior or senior level students, first year graduate students, or other students with experience or interest in engineering or a closely related discipline (e.g. math, physics, etc.).  Candidates must be at least 18 years old as of June 18, 2022 and members of under-represented groups in engineering. For example, in the United States these groups include women, American Indian/Native, African American/Black, Hispanic American/Latino, Native Hawaiian and Native Alaskan. There are no citizenship requirements.

How to Apply:

  • In addition, you will need to submit  the following information to the Project Connect Selection Committee at
  • An unofficial copy of your transcript 
  • A link to a short  video (<3 min) that  describes: 
    • Your career goals and background
    • Why you are a good candidate for Project  Connect  and 
    • How attending the International Microwave Symposium will benefit your educational and career plans. 
    • (Instead of the video, you may also submit a 0.5-1 page written statement that includes the same information and a photo of yourself.)
  • If you choose to make a video instead of the written statement, please send only the link to your video (e.g. on YouTube) - DO NOT send the video itself.

The Project Connect team can provide assistance with internship schedule conflict.

For questions, email Alex Stutts, an alum and current organizing committee member at: or‑stutts.

There are a limited number of students that will be accepted into the program, and students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The first submission deadline is 25 February 2022. This deadline may be extended depending on the number of applications that are received. Please send application materials to

Impact of Project Connect from 2014-Present:

  • Completed 8+ years of the program 
  • More than 130 student participants from underrepresented groups 
  • Participants from more than 36 universities


Overall Impact of Program and Some Participant Responses:

  • Guided Them towards RF/Microwave – “The program helped me understand the impact of RF and Microwave engineering on a wide area of industries. It helped me get a clear idea of the career path I wanted to take sooner. Realizing my inclination towards RF and Microwave engineering, I choose to work at a well renowned chip designing company in the telecommunications industry driving 5g and 6g communications”
  • Influenced Educational Choices – “My decision to pursue a PhD in Electrical Engineering was heavily influenced by my participation in Project Connect.”
  • Influenced Career Choices – “Experience with Project Connect in IMS helped guide my career choice in aerospace”
  • Enhanced Their Professional Network – “I have met one of my Ph.D. committee members and professional mentors when attending Project Connect.” 
  • Impact on Confidence and Ability to Network – “The professional development program and the mixers organized by Project Connect gave me the right training to be able to correctly pose questions. This not only boosted my confidence, it also opened a lot more opportunities that ended up being the career path I took.”

94% of respondents strongly agree that Project Connect was a valuable professional development experience.