RF Boot Camp

RF Boot Camp

Monday, 20 June 2022
08:00 - 16:45

This one day course is ideal for newcomers to the microwave world, such as technicians, new engineers, college students, engineers changing their career path, as well as marketing and sales professionals looking to become more comfortable in customer interactions involving RF & Microwave circuit and system concepts and terminology.

The format of the RF Boot Camp is similar to that of a workshop or short course, with multiple presenters from industry and academia presenting on a variety of topics including:  

• The RF/Microwave Signal Chain
• Network Characteristics, Analysis and Measurement
• Fundamentals of RF Simulation
• Impedance Matching Basics
• Spectral Analysis and Receiver Technology
• Signal Generation
• Modulation and Vector Signal Analysis
• Microwave Antenna Basics
• RFMW Application Focus

This full day course will cover real-world, practical, modern design and engineering fundamentals needed by technicians, new engineers, engineers wanting a refresh, college students, as well marketing and sales professionals. Experts within industry and academia will share their knowledge of: RF/Microwave systems basics, simulation and network design, network and spectrum analysis, microwave antenna and radar basics. Attendees completing the course will earn 2 CEUs.

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Given the limited space available for this session, you are encouraged to register early to ensure that a seat is available.  These sessions are designed to be interactive, so come prepared to engage the presenters and your other colleagues in the audience with questions and discussions to gain the greatest value from these sessions.